“Ele é só mais um humano”

Kelly . Foto: Bielmann/SPL

Foto: Bielmann/SPL

TransWorld SURF: Regarding your heat against Kelly in the semifinals, what was that like?

Andy Irons: Kelly? Everyone freaks out when they draw Kelly, but he’s just another human, but people seem to wig out when they get him in a heat. He’s the man, a nine-time world champ, but he’s just another competitor and can have a bad heat like anyone else. As far as the heat itself, I was stoked it went for so long with no waves—the fewer opportunities he has the better it is for me. I knew a restart [when no waves come through in a heat it restarts after 15 minutes] was close so I caught a wave just so he had to keep going. If it was gonna come down to one wave, I’d rather take the 50/50 chance of me getting it than having him a chance at a couple ten point rides. And it worked out—I got a 9 something an as time ran out he wasn’t able to get a score.

Confira a entrevista completa aqui.


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