Com as mãos na taça

Foto: Pete Frieden

With two finals in a row and a clear adaptation to the new judging, Kelly has made himself the front-runner in another World Title race, just as he goes into a leg that includes his best two surf locations: J-Bay and Teahupoo. With a clear understanding of the capabilities of most of his competitors, I know that Kelly now believes that the Title is now a few events away from being his — and I see the confidence in his surfing that communicates this. Personally, I think he is totally right and against his historic competitive peers he will win his 10th. An amazing feat that is second only to the level that his surfing has risen to in the two most challenging waves, Teahupoo and Pipeline. For real surfers, understanding and honoring his surfing at those two locations is more important. A word of caution: watch out for Jordy as he has never lost a World Title race to Kelly. – Ian Cairns no Power Ranking da Surfline após a etapa brasileira do WT

Who’s your tip for the world title and why?

Kelly, Kelly, Kelly. Once he smells blood, it’s over. There’s blood everywhere. Kelly and Mick are the only two guys who are emotionally prepared to shoulder the burden of expectations. The title will go to Kelly, assuming Kelly learned his lesson against Jadson. I never thought I’d say this, but Kelly needs to surf more like Gabe Kling. Kelly needs to accentuate his strengths instead of putting his weaknesses on display. Kelly has to stop doing cheap 360s, credit-card alley-oops, and flat spins. It’s getting awkward, like when your Mom insists on wearing skinny jeans and listening to Animal Collective because that’s what’s “in style.” Kelly can win one more title off tubes, power carves, and power slides – surf like a man and let the kids be kids. – Lewis Samuels para a STAB.

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