Evolução ou Injustiça?

Jeremy Flores saiu do mar depois de sua disputa contra Dane Reynolds irado

Na primeira para do tour este ano em Snapper Rocks, vimos Neco Padaratz surfar muito bem e tirar notas muito baixas por não ter sido tão “vertical” contra Damo, vimos também o francês Jeremy Flores, que quase se matou em alguns floaters que deu em seu confronto contra Dane Reynolds, dar uma entrevista revoltado após a bateria.

Os dois apresentaram um surf muito bom, mas que não foi o suficiente para avançar no campeonato de acordo com os juízes e o novo critério de avaliação. Recentemente Jeremy deu uma entrevista ao Jed Smith da Stab falando um pouco sobre o que aconteceu.

Esta seria a evolução ou injustiça?

Stab: Was there any fall out from your post heat interview at the Quiksilver Pro, in which you claimed the judging was biased toward American and Australians?

Jeremy Flores: You know what, more people were happy that I said it than angry. The next few days, people were coming up to me saying, “Finally, someone said it, good job.” I don’t really care what people think. There are so many fake guys out there that talk so much shit. Every since I was young I’ve always said the truth about everything. Some people like it, some don’t, but I will never be fake. Many people ask me to shut up sometimes but I just can’t. I gotta say what I gotta say and people can like it or not and I don’t give a shit. But then maybe the next comp I’m gonna get a good wave and get a three (laughter).

Stab: Do you still feel that way about the judging?

Jeremy Flores: I’ve always felt that way. It’s been very unfair sometimes. But when you think about it, every sport has its injustices. Surfing is no different and even the champions like Kelly and Andy have to deal with it. We’ve only had the first event with the new rules and new criteria, so I can’t talk shit about it. After the heat I was angry and I thought I really got burned. We’ll see how it goes during the year and maybe at the end I will say something else.

Stab: What is the key to relevancy on the World Tour in 2010?

Jeremy Flores: I’m not sure. I could say aerial moves but many guys are getting big scores without doing aerial moves. You’ve gotta really mix it up. I’m definitely working on my airs and being able to do for or five different turns on a wave. I think that is what the judges want to see. With the new criteria there are a bunch of us on tour who are like, “whoa, this is crazy, this is really different.” We have to deal with it and do what they want us to do, which is kind of sad to say. But if you want to get nines and eights you gotta do what you gotta do.


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