Gabriel Medina: Guardem este nome

Within 10 minutes he’d shut the door on Bowen so hard you could hear the slam, with consecutive double-air waves that racked up a 10 and a 9.57 – waves ridden with such utter fluidity and precision that anyone in the top 45 who happened to be watching the webcast must have seen their own demise in the making.

I’m not kidding. Medina was that good.” – Nick Carrol

“What’s Brazilian for “Holy Shit”?

We don’t know the answer to this question. We shoulda asked Gabriel Medina, but Gabriel doesn’t speak English.

Instead, he speaks the universal language of Crazy Goddam Surfing. And today, in one of the longest days ever in junior professional surfing history, Gabriel turned himself into arguably the most successful junior surfer since the whole concept of junior-ness started 33 years ago.” –
Surfing Life

“Medina takes off again, kicks the fins out over a section, straight into a pump/top turn combo, another pump and a double grab. Ten.

“At this point, he’s a phenomenon,” ’88 champ turned surf coach, Barton Lynch says to me. “And it wasn’t just a gymnastics vault where he did one move, it was a combination of everything. It was surfing, with aerials.”” – Jed Smith


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