O polemico jornalista Lewis Samuels, autor do blog, esta escrevendo para a Stab Magazine sobre tudo o que acontece no Hurley Pro direto da praia.

A sua matéria sobre o terceiro dia esta bem interessante. Nela, Lewis fala sobre conspiração na derrota de Joel Parkinson e na boa atuação de Rob Machado até agora. Parece besteira ne? Mas o cara sabe o que ele ta falando.

“…After his loss to Machado, instead of punching walls as he did last year in Mundaka, Parko was chatting amicably with friends and well-wishers in the VIP section. He seemed like the unfocused Parko of old – laughing and relaxing after a crucial loss. Is Parko slowing his pace just enough to let Kelly and a whole lot of media coverage catch up? That’s conspiracy theory number 1…”

“Speaking of coincidences: Isn’t it crazy that Hurley’s Brett Simpson won the US Open and the trials for the Hurley Pro last month at Huntington – as well as Hurley’s $100,000 first place check! Just in case you forgot, the Hurley Pro website has been running plenty of little Brett profiles to remind you. Now Hurley wildcard Rob Machado has taken down Taj and Parko, opening up the world title race, saving the ASP, AND leaving open the possibility that Hurley Teamrider Rob Machado will win the $105,000 first prize – the biggest in surfing history… brought to you by Hurley.”

A matéria está em inglês, mas vale muito a pena, confiram:

Samuels também afirmou que, na noite do primeiro dia do evento, rolou uma reunião com metade dos TOP 45 e os organizadores da tal ”Rebel Tour”.

“…wondering if Tommy was really hinting at the clandestine meeting held the night before, in which about half of the Top 45 met with Rebel Tour organisers. As the rumour goes, an offer is on the table, but the offer lacks substantive details. No one is willing to talk about it on the record, though. Meaning it’s as unclear as ever whether the storm will or won’t pass by, leaving the ASP’s rickety tents unscathed…”

O que voces acham?


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